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The Gateway to U.S. History:
Workbook Edition


So what is in our workbook edition, and how does it differ from our blue textbook, Gateway to U.S. History: The Bridge to Success on Florida’s EOC Test?

Our workbook has the same introductory page for each chapter as Gateway to U.S. History, with the applicable NGSSS and a word wall of key names and terms taken from the Test Item Specifications and the Remarks/Examples from the C-PALMS website.  This is followed by the same one-page Florida “Keys” to Learning found in Gateway.

Next in the workbook comes a series of vocabulary exercises to reinforce student mastery of key terms and names.  Chapters have varying types of exercises from concept circles and concept ladders to category sorting and Frayer four-square vocabulary models. There are more than 50 pages of new vocabulary exercises in all.  

This followed by the same concept map and the review cards found in Gateway to U.S. History with these differences: each concept map is blown up to fill a whole page and the review cards in the workbook are one-sided, so that your students can cut them out and write or make their own diagrams on the reverse side.  

Finally, each chapter contains ten or more practice multiple-choice questions.  Again, these are the same questions found in Gateway to U.S. History.   There are 212 end-of-chapter questions in all in the workbook edition.

At the end of each unit, the workbook provides additional graphic organizers and charts for your students to complete in order to reinforce their mastery of the NGSSS.  There are more than 30 pages of new unit activities in all in the workbook.

The last section of the workbook edition includes the same final examination with 54 questions found in Gateway to U.S. History.

Our workbook edition is part of the Gateway program adopted by the State of Florida and can be ordered either from us or from the Florida School Book Depository. Please bear in mind, however, that the workbook edition does not include the basic text of Gateway to U.S. History.

The new workbook can either be used together with Gateway, with another textbook, or on its own.  Pages in the workbook are perforated so that students can tear them out to exchange with their classmates, turn in to their teachers, or cut out their review cards.  

We have included all those features we think will be most useful for students reviewing just before the test itself—advance organizers, key names and terms, review cards, graphic organizers for student completion and practice questions. However, the book is not a substitute for the clear and carefully aligned text of Gateway to U.S. History. We believe the best possible use will be when these two resources are used in tandem.

Gateway to U.S. History: The Bridge to Success

Gateway to U.S. History: Workbook Edition

Introduction to the EOC Test
Historians at Work
List of NGSSS for Each Chapter
Introductory Word Wall
Student Vocabulary Activities
Text with Primary Documents, Illustrations, Maps, and Historian’s Apprentice Activities
Concept Map
Review Cards (one-sided)
Chapter Practice Questions
Unit Crossword Puzzles
Additional Unit Activities
Practice Final Test (54 questions)
Book Length 464 pages 330 pages
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 To see a sample chapter on the Cold War, click below:
To see sample unit activities, click below: