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Civics and Government Test Bank

Our new Civics and Government Test Bank  is designed to provide your students with the practice they need to perform their very best on the test.  Research shows that familiarity with test item formats helps students to raise their scores. Our Civic and Government Bank—Florida Edition is organized around Florida’s newly revised NGSSS for Civics and Government. Like our U.S. History Test Bank, each individual Benchmark is found in a box at the top of a page, beginning a new section. It is followed by a series of multiple-choice questions based on the Benchmarks and Benchmark Clarifications.

The Civics Test Bank currently has 517 questions. Questions run the gamut from easy to challenging—both in content and cognitive complexity. Each question is designed to assess student mastery of a specific Standard and Benchmark. Perhaps most important of all, you will find documentary excerpts and diagrams as part of many of these questions—just like the questions on Florida’s actual EOC tests.

These test bank questions can help teachers gauge what their students know for diagnostic purposes. They also give the students essential practice in answering a variety of EOC-type questions, in order to better prepare them for this year’s EOC assessment.

Each license is perpetual: test bank questions can be used year after year at no additional cost, although the copyright remains ours and you cannot share these secure items with others outside your school or district.

Additional details on this exciting new test bank will soon be available. Please contact our office at MarkJarrett@Comcast.net with any questions you may have.